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Transform Your Life: Join Our Virtual Class on Art, Coping Skills, and Basic Spanish!

Are you struggling with stress, looking for creative outlets, or wanting to learn a new language but don’t know where to start? 🌟

Our Class Offers Solutions:

  • Art Therapy: Channel your emotions and reduce stress through creative expression.
  • Coping Skills: Gain practical techniques to manage life’s challenges and improve your mental health.
  • Basic Spanish: Break the language barrier and open up new opportunities with our engaging Spanish lessons.
How many participants are you expecting *
1 (base price)
2-3 (base price plus $7 per additional person)
4-6 (base price plus $10 per additional person)
Healing Art -only ($35/1 hr)
Intro to Spanish-only ($40/1 hr)
Art and Spanish ($65/1.5 hrs)
Once the invoice is paid you will be given a link for your class. Please note that adding people after the link is sent will result in additional charges, so please verify the number and names of participants prior to submitting your payment. All sales are Final *