Express Yourself

“Healing families and communities, conquering trauma, and uniting through art.”

C.A.T.A LLC’s Express Yourself program stands as a pillar of hope and restoration for both children and adults who have endured trauma, including the scars of domestic violence. Express Yourself is lead by an A Windows Between Worlds Certified Facilitator. This program is grounded in a trauma-informed, whole person approach, showcasing a profound comprehension of the intricate challenges faced by all persons no matter what their specific challenge may be. It is dedicated to equipping them with essential tools and support, fostering healing and enhancing their being. Moreover, it plays a crucial role in guiding individuals through the complexities of intense emotions, while providing a constructive platform for all participants, regardless of age, to express themselves creatively when mere words fall short.

Embrace healing through art with C.A.T.A LLC’s Express Yourself—a program where your feelings transform into masterpieces. Join us and create your path to joy and resilience.

At C.A.T.A LLC, our Express Yourself program is a nurturing space where art becomes a medium for healing and self-expression. We understand the profound impact of trauma, including domestic violence, and our classes are thoughtfully designed to address these experiences. By sharing your personal themes—be it a journey of overcoming trauma, a struggle with feeling unheard, or challenges like bullying and team building—we can tailor our sessions to support your path to empowerment and growth. Our approach is deeply rooted in the values of A Window Between Worlds, fostering resilience and providing a voice through the transformative power of art.